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A Healing Journey

If you found my site, you're probably stressed, anxious or feeling the effects of trauma in your life. And most likely, you want health, happiness and wholeness again.

Like you, I too have suffered. There were times when I just wanted to give up.

But there were also times when I embraced a greater consciousness that knew more than I did about my healing.

And, gratefully, I found healers who helped me in a respectful, empowering way.

My road to healing was sometimes painful.
But from it I learned first-hand what REALLY works.

My approach to health now uses those proven therapies.

Keys to Healing

For 20 years I have worked with adults and teens using integrative therapies. I graduated with a BS in Physiological Psychology and went on to an MA in Clinical & Experimental Psychology. I then spent several years in the mental health and personal growth fields, working with my clients' beliefs, attitudes and emotions.

What I noticed was that clients rarely got well by simply talking about their problems, doing emotional, cathartic-type work, or, even, doing good spiritual work.

I began to look elsewhere - for tools to go deeper.
After many workshops and trainings, I realized that the missing link was the BODY.

Stress and trauma is stored in your body, and if you talk to it in a language it understands, you can heal yourself.

"Speak" to Your Nervous System

The new field of psychoneurobiology tells us we store stress and trauma as highly charged "fight, flight, or freeze" energies in the nervous system.

To release the energy and allow the nervous system to calm itself, you must talk the nervous system's language. And that language is the sensations you feel in your body.

Clients Heal More Rapidly

As I began to use this tool of the "felt sense" of the body, clients made major shifts in their healing. They also were able to more successfully meet their daily emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges.

I began to combine various techniques to fit my clients' needs…

Energy techniques…
  • Reiki
  • Holographic Memory Release (HMR)

Breath and movement approaches…
  • Continuum Breath, Sound and Movement
  • Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Emotional healing approaches…
  • Living in Process-Living the Path of Soul
  • Gestalt/Psychodrama

I then found Somatic Experiencing, a method that combines many of the above approaches, and trained for three years to become a certified practitioner.

Somatic Experiencing is now the cornerstone of my practice. I weave in other techniques when needed.

Healing Energy is Already Inside You

I have learned that the healing tools you need are already deep inside you.
My job is to give you safety, comfort and skills, so you can successfully meet the challenges in your life, or simply take your next step forward.

I do not do your work for you - I help you become empowered to heal yourself.
As a person who has also traveled a healing journey, I offer my empathy, support, skill and understanding.

My help is available to you, through individual sessions and workshops, or through my instructional CDs.

I wish you many blessings on your journey to health and wholeness.

With warm regards,


Self Help CDs: Calm & Center Yourself When You’re Stressed or Anxious.
       Volume 1: Grounding & Releasing
       Volume 2: Resourcing & Breathing
       Volume 3: Boundaries & Safety

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