How to Calm and Center Yourself When You’re Stressed or Anxious
A Neuro-Biological Approach

Volume 1: Grounding & Releasing

All too often, we get tense, worried, and upset from the speed and challenges of living in today's world. Our nervous systems are in constant "fight or flight" — or in a "frozen" shut-down mode.

Volume 1 shows you how to “ground” your energy using the “felt sense” of your body, so you can gently release stress, anxiety and trauma.

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Volume 2: Resourcing & Breathing

Within you are many healing resources that you can activate through the feelings in your body – like turning on a tranquility generator!

Volume 2 shows you how to harness the power of your thoughts, images, emotions, breath and sound to calm your brain, body and nervous system.

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Volume 3: Boundaries & Safety

Healthy boundaries are essential to get what you need and want in your world, and in your relationships. And feeling safe and contained in your body is the key.

Volume 3 teaches you practical, body-centered ways to develop healthy boundaries, so you can relax and feel safe and centered in any circumstances.

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