Effective Therapy from Julie
~ a neuro-biological approach

Your nervous system connects you to all life…

  • It informs you about the world you live in.
  • It affects how you perceive what happens to you.
  • It determines how you act in the world.
  • It determines how you re-act to stress, conflict and trauma.

Sometimes, this information channel becomes blocked.
When this happens, you can lose your ability to regulate actions, emotions and thoughts.

Nervous system shutdown may come from any shock or trauma, such as…

  • chronic stress or illness
  • medical procedures
  • accidents or falls
  • abusive or painful childhood
  • rape or attack
  • relationship conflict
  • natural disasters
  • death or loss of a loved one
  • distressing world events
  • witnessing violence

If you have experienced any of these or any overwhelming event, it is likely that vital life force energy was trapped inside you.

Trapped energy eventually produces symptoms in your physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual bodies, such as…

  • respiratory problems
  • hormonal difficulties
  • fatigue
  • head, back and neck problems
  • premature aging
  • depression
  • hyper-alertness and other PTSD symptoms
  • sexuality and body issues
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • difficulty concentrating or remembering
  • difficulty in relationships or parenting
  • heart disease
  • an inability to find peace or to find one's place in the world

I use three main treatment approaches to help unblock your nervous system…

  • Trauma Release Counseling through Somatic Experiencing®
  • Organic Movement
  • Holographic Memory Release

These approaches can decrease or entirely eliminate the symptoms which prevent you from living life to the fullest.

All therapies are offered in individual sessions, and also in small groups which take advantage of the synergistic effects of group healing. My CDs teach concepts and exercises from all therapies.

Trauma Release Counseling through
Somatic Experiencing®

This therapy is the cornerstone of my practice because the results have been so effective.

Trauma is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be a life sentence.

The language of the nervous system is feelings in the body. In Somatic Trauma Release Counseling, you learn to use your "felt sense" so you can "talk" to your "fight, flight or freeze" nervous system.

You learn to slow down and identify body sensations, rather than focusing on the "story." This allows you to access the natural immunity and resilience to trauma we share with animals in the wild.

When you develop the safety and resources to gently "visit" areas of discomfort for a short period of time (often in a playful way), trapped excess energy from a traumatic event is discharged. That energy is then available to live life more fully, with greater joy and clarity.

Benefits include:
  • Resolution of trauma, rather than reliving it
  • Reduction or elimination of symptoms
  • Awakened resources and feelings of empowerment
  • Increased energy and capacity for engaging in life
  • Healthy relationships
  • Deepened sense of self and others
  • Increased sense of flow and re-connection with the world

Read more about Trauma Release Counseling and order the book Waking The Tiger at Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing® website.

Organic Movement

Organic Movement re-wires your brain to heal stuck patterns.

This method uses breath, sound, and fluid wave-like movement. You are really a water creature (80% of your body) learning to live on land. And you can explore what it means to move from that awareness.

Benefits include:
  • Defused stress levels
  • Relaxed and toned tissue and musculature
  • Increased flexibility in thought, feeling, movement and action
  • Greater trust in one's innate body wisdom
  • Strengthened core and bones
  • Enhanced creativity, innovation and play
  • Spacious sense of well-being

Read more about the origins of Organic Movement at Emilie Conrad's Continuum Movement and Susan Harper's Continuum Montage websites.

Holographic Memory Release

Holographic Memory Release (HMR) is an energy medicine technique that blends the principles of gentle chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and holographic touchpoint therapy.

HMR works at the cellular memory level while you lie in a state of deep relaxation.

Many clients enter treatment to improve neck or back conditions, resolve old trauma, or gain the energy and flexibility to make changes in their lives.

Benefits include:
  • Release of old blocks, beliefs and emotions
  • Reversal of chronic conditions
  • Strengthening the body's self-healing mechanism
  • Easing of day to day stress and tension
  • Eventual self-maintenance of spinal structures
  • Greater awareness, energy, focus and well-being

Read more about HMR at Dr. Charles Daily's HMR website.

All therapies are offered in individual sessions, and also in small groups which take advantage of the synergistic effects of group healing. My CDs teach concepts and exercises from all therapies.

Self Help CDs: Calm & Center Yourself When You’re Stressed or Anxious
       Volume 1: Grounding & Releasing.
       Volume 2: Resourcing & Breathing.
       Volume 3: Boundaries & Safety.

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